It has become extremely hard for people to live without music because it has become a part of our lives – a food for our souls. It is certain that many of us like music to an unimaginable extent, but it is also true that most of us don’t know how to play any musical instrument. Our inability to play any musical instrument depends on many reasons: it might be because of lack of intention or proper instructions in the early childhood. When it comes to the matter of learning music, it is never too late, and you can always learn to play any musical instrument. But, before that, you might need some reasons, and here are few that you will find interesting.

1. Relieving Stress

Most people listen to the music because music relieves stress. Probably these people are unaware of the fact that playing any musical instrument relieves stress even to a higher extent. Many types of research show that when you play any musical instrument on regular basis, your stress level decreases significantly. When you play any musical instrument your heartbeat slows down which reduces your blood pressure, and thus the hormone which causes stress – cortisol – is also reduced. Many psychologists use this therapy to keep people connected, for instance, one such psychologist – Michael Jolkovski – believes that when you are indulged in activities like web browsing or when you are using social media services, you are disconnected with people physically.

2.  It Makes You Smarter

Many types of research indicate that those people who know how to play any musical instrument are smarter than their counterparts who don’t know anything about how to play music. Many academic researchers believe that learning to play any musical instrument increases you spatial and temporal reasoning.

3. It Builds Your Confidence

When you learn to play any musical instrument, your confidence level also increases manifold. This is because when you learn to play a musical instrument, you become conscious of the skills that you possess, which makes you more confident. Music can help both children and young people alike in building their confidence.

4. It Teaches Patience

Patience is something extremely important that we need to learn if we want to spend our lives happily, and music can help us a lot in this regard. It is obvious that you cannot learn music only in one night; you can learn it only when you are consistent and patient. While learning to play a musical instrument, you will make many mistakes initially, and accepting those mistakes and correcting them will make you more patient than ever.

5. It Promotes Creativity

Music is a creative art and if you learn to play musical instruments, it certainly will demand that you practice some creative exercises like developing a tune of your own, and in the longer run – if you keep on playing musical instruments – you will feel more creative than ever. When you learn to play any musical instrument, the main focus of your music teacher remains on your emotional and cognitive abilities, and when you keep on improving these two abilities, you think not of ordinary things but those which are unique.

6. It Improves Your Memory

When you are learning to play any musical instrument, your memory comes into play again and again because you need to remember many notes by heart. Another interesting thing is that when you are playing any musical instrument, both parts of your brain work simultaneously and it boosts your memory even further. Many researchers also associate music learning with higher IQ levels.

7. It Develops Discipline

Whenever you are learning anything, one thing is certain that you will learn that thing completely only when you are consistent, and this consistency develops discipline in you. Music learning activity is especially important when it comes to the matter of teaching discipline to young children. Little children don’t often like serious disciplinary lessons, but they surely appreciate music and learn discipline indirectly. It is not only a lesson for children, but for parents as well because they also have to stick to discipline.

8. It Gives You Sense of Achievement

The sense of achievement is something that gives you real happiness, and the sense of achievement of learning to play any musical instrument is no exception. When you achieve something, it gives you real satisfaction, and when you learn to play any musical instrument, it makes you happy not because it distinguishes you from people who don’t know how to play any musical instrument, but because of the sense of achievement and gain that you get in return for the time you spent for learning it.

All these reasons are strong and compelling enough, and even striking that they will persuade you to learn any musical instrument that you like most.


This guest post is written by Joe Cole.

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