Medieval Psaltery Pig-Snout 16 strings

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16 string Medieval Psaltery Pig-Snout

Plucked psaltery pig snout
With two strings per course, a deep sound-box and highly resonant soundboard, our classic ‘pig snout’ type psaltery, with its strong, rich tone,
is ideal either for song accompaniment or for playing medieval, renaissance
or traditional music.

Body:  maple & ash
Soundboard:  spruce
Other detail:  beech

Tuning pegs: metal
Strings: metal

Color:  natural, palisander, lemon, redwood, larch, oak, mocha, bog oak, ebony, black.    check it!

Length:  337 mm
Width:  495 mm
Thickness: 70 mm

Weight: 2.1 kg

Can be tuned:
G3 A3 B3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 B4 C5 D5 E5 F5 G5 A5
G major (↓ 7)

Strings diameter:
1,2,3,4 string – 0,25 mm.
5,6,7 string – 0,30 mm.
8,9,10 string – 0,35 mm.
11,12 string – 0,40 mm.
13,14 string – 0,45 mm.
15 string – 0,50 mm.
16 string – 0,55 mm.


The time of production is 4-6 weeks

On request we can make the instrument with single strings

Comes with a tuning key and a 3-year limited warranty.


Additional information

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 337 × 495 × 70 mm

6 reviews for Medieval Psaltery Pig-Snout 16 strings

  1. Nan Simpson

    The psaltery arrived in perfect shape. I tuned it immediately and tried it. I am VERY pleased. You did exactly what I asked for. The instrument is beautiful and sounds lovely. Also the carry-case is well-made and useful. Thanks so much for answering all my questions and creating exactly the instrument I wanted.


    Nan Simpson

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  2. Daniel Lalandre

    I received my order yesterday.

    The package was very well packed.
    The instrument is therefore in perfect condition.
    Well done for the work you have done.
    It is really well finished, beautiful and sounds very nicely (as I imagined).

    Thank you again for this work!

    Best regards.


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  3. Jean Nunn

    Thank you for sending my new pigsnout psaltery, which arrived safely. I like the padded case and the instrument is well-made you have a skilled team there.

    Best regards,


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  4. Fredy Schnyder

    Thank you very much for making and shipping the psaltery. It has finally arrived at my place, after long being detained by Swiss customs. As far as I can tell, it has arrived in perfect shape!

    Thanks a lot, all the best

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  5. Filip Alexandra

    I’m really pleased with it! Thank you so much!
    Best regards,
    Alexandra Filip

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  6. Jessica Garzke

    I am really happy with it! It is as gorgeous as the photos promised-thank you very much!! I will recommend your work and will likely buy another instrument from you later ?
    Stay save and all the best from Braunschweig

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