Five string Kantele

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5 string KANTELE

5 string home Kantele

The five-string kantele is an easy to learn instrument.
You can take it wherever you go. Whenever you like to sing with your own family, or if you work with children or elderly people in your job or as a volunteer take a kantele in your hands to support or accompany your singing.

Body:      alder
Top:          spruce

Tuning pegs:    metal
Strings:   metal

Color:    natural, palisander, lemon, redwood, larch, oak, mocha, bog oak, ebony, black.    check it!

Length:             692 mm
Width:               112 mm
Thickness:         75 mm

Weight: 0.8 kg

Can be tuned:  
D4 E4 F#4 G4 A4 – D major

Strings diameter:
1 string – 0.5 mm.
2 string – 0,45 mm.
3,4 string – 0,4 mm.
5 string – 0,35 mm.

in stock

Comes with a tuning key and a 3-year limited warranty.

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 692 × 112 × 75 mm

14 reviews for Five string Kantele

  1. Fanny Janssen

    Incredibly fast shipping and such a great instrument! Extremely pleased.

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  2. Jenna Björklund

    I received it yesterday. It’s wonderful, thank you very much!

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  3. Ewelina Bator

    My kantele finally arrived home safe and sound. It literally is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. And it sounds great!
    Thank you!

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  4. Margaret Ann Waddicor

    I put the top marks, because I am very pleased with the Kantele. I was surprised and pleased with my instrument. Thank you for making it possible.

    Yours Ann.

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  5. Shirley Willson

    I ordered a Kantele as a Christmas present, my grandson loved it, great product.

    Thank You
    Shirley Willson

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  6. Nick Hewitt

    It is wonderful and I will be making another order very soon! I haven’t put it down in days.

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  7. Anna-Liisa Allas

    Thank you so much!
    It looks beautiful! I love the color and the detail in the middle of the kantele.
    All the best,

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  8. Justin Smith

    The Kantele is a beautiful instrument, and it has a wonderful sound.
    Thank you so much!

    Justin Smith

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  9. Tomasz Sikorski

    The sound is magical and always sends my imagination somewhere far away when I start playing 🙂 It’s a little too quiet to play with other instruments without mixing it up, but it’s understandable given its small size. It’s very light and handy, easy to carry around. Over all I’m very happy with it.

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  10. Julia

    Thank you.
    The Five String Kantele has arrived.
    It is beautiful, thank you so much, I will enjoy learning to play.
    It is a real treasure.
    Best wishes, Julia

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  11. Yohanes Kurniawan Hendratno

    Thank you very much for custom making it for me.
    Majestic Kantele that would sure cheer me up when I’m stuck in my room doing work 😀

    Sincerely yours,
    Yohanes Kurniawan Hendratno

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  12. Andy Xavier

    I’m thrilled to have received my five string kantele today. It’s a gorgeous instrument with wonderful sound, and I appreciate so much that you were able to make it custom for a lefty. I’ve started learning on it already, and I look forward to getting to know it better over time!

    All the Best,

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  13. Ani Hopkins

    It’s really amazing, I’ve been having such fun playing it.

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  14. Ravi Basawa

    The kantele I received (much earlier than expected) is high quality and has a beautiful sound and appearance.
    It is testament to the high quality care and craftsmanship from Sergey/Baltic Psalteries.
    I highly recommend Sergey/Baltic Psalteries in every way!

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