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12 string WING-SHAPED

This instrument combines the convenience and simplicity of form, with depth and richness of sound at a very attractive price. This psaltery is able to convey the most subtle shades of the mood of the performer, it can be called ideal, both for beginners and experienced musicians.

Body:       cedar
Top:          spruce

Tuning pegs:   metall
Strings:   metall
Peg’s holder:  beech

Colour:    natural, palisander, lemon, redwood, larch, oak, mocha, bog oak, ebon, black.

Length:            730 mm
Width:               240 mm
Thickness:       80 mm

Can be tuned: F# A H C# D E F# G A H C# D

Strings diameter:
1 string – 0,65 mm
2 string – 0,55 mm
3 string- 0,5 mm
4,5 string – 0,45 mm
6,7,8 string – 0,4 mm
9,10,11 string- 0,3 mm
12 string- 0,25 mm

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