Wing-shaped with the wave

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9 string wing-shaped with the wave
Very comfortable it has space for a left hand. The psaltery delightful ethnic musical instrument. It has beautiful and deep sound. Everyone can learn to play. One of the most accessible musical instrument.

Body:      cedar
Top:         spruce

Tuning pegs:   metall
Strings:   metall

Colour:    natural, palisander, lemon, redwood, larch, oak, mocha, bog oak, ebon, black.

Length:           670 mm
Width:              190 mm
Thickness:     82 mm

Can be tuned: A,C,D,E,F,G,A,A#,C.

Strings diameter:
1,2 string – 0,45 mm.
3,4,5 string – 0,4 mm.
6,7,8,9 string – 0,3 mm.

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3 reviews for Wing-shaped with the wave

  1. Bartosz Kotrys (verified owner)

    Psaltery looks and sounds great. It is beautiful!

  2. Tommy HUNG

    The baltic psaltery has arrived in perfect shape!


  3. Yuri Talalaev

    Спасибо большое, посылка пришла!
    Теперь настраивать и учиться:)
    Чудесные гусли

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