The story of our workshop started in 2012 in a small shed in a Russian village, where its founder Sergei with his apprentice began making the first instruments with the goal of making them affordable. This shed quickly turned into a small workshop. Over the time the scale of the production grew, we employed more people, gained invaluable experience. We started to use better tools and materials. Over the time we achieved great proficiency and success in manufacturing Baltic psalteries. Our workshop made it through a devastating fire, pandemic lockdowns, and other obstacles, but despite this we continue to put our soul and love in psalteries we make for you! Today we are the largest manufacturer of Baltic psalteries in Eastern Europe. We have manufactured over 8 thousand psalteries, approximately 500 of those have been donated to orphanages, music institutions and large families. We design our psalteries to be suitable and affordable for both professional musicians and people without any music education or training. The reviews our customers leave of our instruments speak for themselves.


Our quest.

We aspire to rekindle the love for the old musical instruments, make the psaltery available to everyone. To revive the culture of our ancestors and never forget the traditions of those who came before. To teach the young generations the psaltery and to love and appreciate creativity, music, and history.

So many regular people as well as folk bands, ensembles and prominent figures speak highly of our work because:

· We adhere to manufacturing techniques that have stood the test of time. That means that each instrument is made from start to finish by the same craftsman with minimal use of mechanical tools out of a solid piece of century-old resonance spruce.
· We use only the best materials during manufacturing. Top-quality German-made strings and tuning pegs are used on our instruments.
· We can make a custom psaltery to order, including painting or engraving of your liking.
· We offer a 3 year warranty on our psalteries.
· If the instrument is damaged during shipping, we will send you a new one.

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