All about Baltic Psaltery

Varieties of Baltic Psaltery
Psaltery is divided into 3 main types traditional, stationary and academic Baltic Psaltery

Type 1: Traditional Baltic Psaltery
It has 3 variations.

  Var 1:  wing-shaped Baltic Psaltery

Russian gusli, Finnish kantele, Estonian kannel, Latvian kokle, Lithuanian kankles

This type is the best for beginners. You don’t need special education. It is rather sheap instrument. It has such name because of its form looks like a wing. It has 5-17 strings. It is very easy to teach you self to play wing-shaped Psalteries. Just for 20-30 minutes you can play first simple music. Related instruments Kankles, Kokle, Kantele, Kannel and Krylovidnye Gusli.

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